PLR Seller Q&A: How Many PLR Products Do I Need to Get Started?

Happy Black Friday everyone!

If you missed registering for Alice and Ron’s Content Cash Flow this week, but you are interested in starting or growing your existing PLR business, I thought you’d be interested in this Question & Answer series they’ve given me permission to publish. There’s some pretty great insight in these and I think you’ll find them very helpful. Here is the first…


Alice and Ron answers your questions about starting your own Private Label Rights business


From Alice and Ron:

We’ve received a lot of great questions about starting a PLR business. Perhaps the most frequently asked question is:

How many products do I need to get started?

But it’s a question with the simplest answer.

And that answer is…1. Only one product.

Sure, eventually you need plenty of products to keep the income flowing, but it all starts with just one offer, so don’t overthink it and don’t waste time crafting the perfect website.

Think about it for a second. All you need is one product page to send targeted traffic to. If you send traffic to a store filled with content, your visitor is confronted with too many choices and they’re quite likely to make no choice at all. But create a hard to resist offer, you’ll be able to send interested traffic to that offer and end up with a whole lot more sales.

So that’s your first step. Get 1 thing out there and start growing your customer list. Once you have a customer list, they’ll keep buying more products as you develop them.

Here’s how to do it…

1. Create some high-value content and put it up for sale.

2. Connect with other PLR sellers or affiliates who would be a good fit for your offer and give them a great commission. As a PLR seller, I can tell you, we’re always looking for quality products to promote.

3. Use the money you earn from that promotion to invest into the creation of the next product…or create the product yourself and invest into other parts of your business. Or heck, just pocket the cash. It’s up to you.

It really is that simple.


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