Day 3 – NaNoWriMo 2015

As midnight closes in on November 3, I look at my word count and realize that I’m a bit short for today.  The goal was 7,500 total words, but I’m sitting a few hundred shy at 6,856 total.  But, considering I’ve been working (at work stuff) nonstop since 8am, I’m OK with teh progress I’ve made.

Plus, I decided to skip ahead an write the scenes that have been rattling around in my brain forever.  Today was the “bike crash” scene, where the hero breaks both his arms, forcing the heroine to take care of him.  I’ve been dreaming of this scene for months.  Still not sure this is the right story for it, but it’s good practice to get it down on paper.

Tomorrow I will work to make up the word count and get to 10,000 words.  Wish me luck!